Muro del Don Quixote

Mar 28, 2011 in

This is for my brother. On the first day in San Jose, I walked by a wall of an old house near parque Morazan. On this wall, there were several paintings on tiles, showing scenes from the Don Quixote novel. I tried my best to translate the captions beneath the paintings :-)

Caption: Absorbing the fantasy of all which he read in his books…

Can’t translate the caption. It’s something like… They marched on so [far] that at dawn, they thought with the security of a bird that they would not find them even though they were were searching for them.

Caption: Come here, my compadre and my friend, carrier of my work and misery

Caption: Where are you, my beloved lady, does my pain not hurt you?

Caption: Eat, Sancho my friend, hold to your life and leave me dying on myself at the hands of my thoughts and the strength of my misery