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Oct 30, 2007 in

The title sounds familiar? Right, I’m writing about buses again!
I have the impression that I didn’t make myself clear about buses in the last post because it’s hard to imagine that some buses actually go faster than the rest of the traffic. But I tell you, some buses drive originally like in a Hollywood action movie here…
I got on one of those Shimla to Chandigarh buses again and I nearly laughed all the time. Imagine the scene: Bruce Willis jumps into a taxi, shouting “Follow that car over there!”. At least the next ten minutes of the film are usually devoted to a long chase, including awesome speeds and stunts, many (nearly) accidents, squealing tires and a lot of shouting and much cursing.
Well, just this taxi would have been either overtaken by or more probably rammed away by that Indian bus. He did not care at all – just during the ten minutes I was on that bus, the driver nearly ran over two bicycles while running the redlight and drove about 70-100 km/h in the city. Other cars were just bluntly shooed away with light horn, real horn and many curses. Of course, they quickly hurried out of the way.
Some minutes, a police car with sirene on drove besides the bus, trying to get faster through the city than the bus….
All in vain (but OK, sirenes are not so well respected here). Eventually, we lost the police car. I guess it could have been faster if it had driven just behind this bus.

And I got home in record time :-)

The “cockpit” of a govt. bus. From left to right: Sikh religion symbol and window decorations, an image of three Sikh gurus with blinkenlights (red-green), incense-sticks (green box), steering wheel and more window decorations, fuse box (top) and images of favourite Hindu gods (better seen on the first image)
The driver (Sikh). Note the long arm of Vishnu, hihi :-). Can somebody tell me the story behind this image? The middle image shows Durga, a warrior goddess and the right one two Sikh gurus.


Are you sure that this actually happened? Or have you indulged in some ‘specific’ Indian flavours and fumes shortly before you gained this peculiar impression on Indian public transport?

Daniel · Nov 7, 01:09 PM · #

Yes! but not all drivers are like this. This was a Sikh driver.

Generally, Sikh bus drivers drive much more aggressive than Hindu drivers. (I dunno really why :-) )

Newton · Nov 8, 11:51 AM · #

Textile help