May 15, 2014 in

Let’s have a ride!

On self-made electro-motor driven ride-a-ponies. How cool is that? I can’t help though to find them a bit creepy in their slightly tattered but colourful composition.

Or, let’s have a ride on living banana split with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with a cherry on its head! Oh wait, oh god, it’s melting!

Okay, then lets get on this pink seesaw for … only one child? Where your playmate is a robot either disguised as a pink deformed Micky Mouse or a giant pink rabbit? Argh those eyes, they keep staring at me!
Well, there is still the choice to ride in that colourful car with that broken nose… No wait, what is this creeping up behind me?? A white slime thing with a pipe in its mouth and a sirene on it’s head?

…that’s it! I’m getting into my tank!