Board game geeks II

Mar 19, 2014 in

This article is part of a series. Check out part I.

I made this picture in Mandalay, Myanmar.

The game is called Lattougkhon which a local translated to “Fingertouch” for me. It is very similar to Billiard, only that you play it by flicking with your fingers. Like all games that are played (at the streetside) in these countries, it’s of course played with money.
I had a go, and won against the local! Hoho! But we played without money ;-)

Otherwise, Ludo (“Mensch aergere dich nicht”) is quite popular here, as it is in almost all other countries I have visited so far. They don’t use traditional 6-sided dice but instead 6 small shells (as D2s) to roll. That makes a very memorizing sound, I like it :-)