Internet, everywhere

Jan 17, 2018 in

Myanmar is one of those countries where many things don’t seem to fit together because change(/progress) is rushing in so fast. There are places that look like as if time has stopped long ago. But then, on the other hand, certain details break this impression.

One of these is the availability of mobile internet, seemingly everywhere, even as in the photo, on a broad river in the middle of nowhere. In towns, broadband internet, for prices one can only dream about in Germany.
As a matter of fact, almost everyone in Myanmar seems to have a smartphone nowadays, even bicycle rickshaw drivers. (Read also my article from 2014, the situation was a bit different then.) Of course, it is mostly the second hand refuse from other countries, but they are (Android) smartphones nonetheless.

A fact that is very interesting for me, as I am the author of StreetComplete, an Android app which makes it very easy to contribute to the OpenStreetMap project while on and about. After coming back from Myanmar, I put some work into making it better eligible for that country :-)