Xinjie and Jianshui

May 06, 2014 in

Just some pictures from Xinjie, famous for it’s photogenic rice terraces:

At dawn from our guesthouse.

In a cozy restaurant in central Xinjie during a thunderstorm. Xinjie (22°C) was a nice change in climate to the tropical heat in Thailand and Laos (34°C) but I think we all got a cold during the cold nights there.

On the market in Shengcun, a village of the Hani ethnic group. Just like in Laos, the Chinese Yunnan province (which itself is as big or bigger than Laos) is full of ethnic minorities – one reason this province might be counted culturally to Southeast Asia rather than China.

A three-wheeler used as a shared taxi. Sometimes they are also used as small transporters, depends on the current needs. In Thailand, this thing would be called a small songthaew (=“two rows”) because there are two benches for passengers on the left and on the right.

Two shots of our lovely hotel in Jianshui

…in which we found a “Steve Jobs” memorial hair dryer. ;-) An iFön

The main attraction of Jianshui is a large old mansion (“Zuh’s Garden”) in the city centre that has been renovated into a museum.