First weekend in Chandigarh

Jan 24, 2008 in

I realized that last weekend was the first weekend since I arrived in India where I stayed in Chandigarh on the weekend and was NOT dead ill, lying in bed. I was a bit ill, though – I caught light food poisoning on Thursday. Again – after eating at Singh’s Chicken1. It was already gone on the weekend but I spent the whole weekend figuring out, what put me into a depressed mood in the first place. I was feeling blue since Thursday and because I did not regain my appetite till yesterday, I felt too week and too cold to travel.

On Sunday I went to an Cyber Cafe2. Naturally, the guys from AIESEC still didn’t remove the virus (link: see bottom) from their office PCs but instead removed the only PC with which the Ubuntu Live CD worked I usually work with on these PCs. After checking email and logging in on different sites, I discovered that there is a virus on the computer in that Cyber Cafe, too. It corrupted my USB stick! So I could have gone to the office in the first place?! This really made me angry. Either that virus used the PC to host a big porn archive there or I discovered the private porn collection of the owner in a “hidden” drive by chance: “[…] second, there is a lot of porn hidden on drive D! Is this yours?” – “Noo!” – “OK than I delete it…”. Actually, I hope it was the latter :>. To look after the security of your computers in your Internet cafe should have top priority for every owner!

So, the weekend was boring and partly unnerving but finally I had some time to read “one hundred years of solitude”.

1Singh’s Chicken is a dirty place, you can see occasionally rats running around and watch how they prepare the food in the open-to-the-street-kitchen. Somehow I keep returning there, perhaps because it tastes good and I say to myself that if there are any bugs or vermin in my fried rice, they will be well-done, fried and dead.
One time I saw something odd on the menu and I asked about it. The man replied “No no, chicken brain is out.”. Mjamee. :D

2Indians call Internet cafes “Cyber Cafes”… even though you can neither have a coffee there nor is it “cyber”. Die spinnen, die Inder ;)


So true that you forget how weird things are. Everything here (nz) seems so clean. The sky is amazing, I’d forgotten about clean skies. And real hot showers. I think I’ve spent my first two days here just drinking coffee, taking hot showers and staring at the sky. And I miss people yelling out of the bus – how are you supposed to know which bus you have to catch?? And how boring is a taxi driver who doesn’t even try to negotiate the price?

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