Monkeying around

Sep 23, 2007 in

It’s odd to see all the monkeys running and climbing around on the rooftops. You know, in Germany, I considered street dogs as very dangerous. Well, in India, even in the heart of Shimla, there are lots and lots of street dogs. And all they ever do is sleep all the day. Only to fight each other, bark and howl all night to keep you from getting any sleep. Grr, I could kill them! But they are “considered harmless”.

Well, the monkeys are not. I guess it was more dangerous than I thought when I walked besides a monkey down a road one day for some minutes ^^.
There is a temple of a god nearby that is in some way connected to monkeys. If I remember correctly, the monkeys are supposed to be the reincarnation of the priests of this god. However, at this temple, there are supposed to be lots of err, priests. Actually, they are so aggressive that they’d steal your glasses and cameras, try to get into your backpacks to search for fruits etc. I’ll definitely go there some time, but while I was there, there was no time left to climb up to that temple. Instead, I went to the place from where India was ruled during the summer.

But here, have a look at some photos: ;)

A book shop for students of computer science (Look closely!)
A supermarket. All shops look like that here.
Nice piece of british architecture
Monkeys on the rooftops
There were grates on all windows to prevent wild monkeys from breaking in ;)
A view from the main bus stand (ISBT)