Aug 10, 2013 in

Checking out the LEGO ripoffs…

I saw LEGO only once alongside a bigger selection of LEGO ripoffs in one department store. Otherwise, Enlighten, COGO, Megabloks and the crowd dominate the market here.

The Enlighten sets look really good though, some sets are clear copies of old LEGO sets, others are only inspired by original sets but quite nice on their own. But, take a look at the faces!

Bought a small set to test the quality. I have to say, it’s quite good. Also, Enlighten boasts this military themed series named “Combat Zone”:

Then there is Megabloks. They have this World of WarCraft series, quite impressive, check this out:

COGO on the other hand already looks shitty on the box art and as far as the quality is concerned, the new pieces don’t even fit together properly. At least the pieces from the one completely built set they displayed in the store.