Packing up home

Aug 30, 2007 in

My flight is on the 7th of September but I’m moving out already to save the rent for October. :-)
Right now, I have packed nearly everything up except my PC: All posters are down, my furniture is out and the plants are gone. Only now when I look at these bleak walls, I notice how small this room really is and how much these brick walls remind me of a prison cell… heh, but it was my home for one and a half years and my cave for nearly a year ;-).
It’s an odd feeling to pack up and store your whole home, keeping only few things for the journey. You’ve kinda nowhere to return to.

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The 7th of September?? This whole thing happened SO quickly. Wow!

This post is awfully gloomy for you. Such a blogging drama queen you are now. :P

Well, have a good flight and the best time! :) I look forward to reading about it.

Gyulya · Sep 1, 09:00 AM · #

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