Langer Lulatsch Kleiner Dotz

Oct 07, 2013 in

It is interesting to see the little differences in the breeds of livestock and pets that are prevalent here.

Many cats have just a stub of a tail. Otherwise they are pretty much the same as European cats, only that most are smaller and more shy. But those may very well be young cats (stray cats don’t live that long and reproduce faster).

Chickens sport much longer legs and generally look more dangerous than the meaty European version. Though I think there are two main breeds here, one more chubby and one more chicken-fighty version cause the latter really acts more aggressive (yes, they also do it here).

By the way, if not currently “busy” being sold at the market or being slaughtered, most do run around in village (and town) freely. Just like all the other animals actually: stray cats, dogs, ducks, goose, cows, water buffaloes etc.
Especially in villages, there are loads of ducks, most of which I saw in Vietnam.

The regional differences in South East Asia are also interesting. On the topic of street dogs, I got the impression that there are much bigger ones in Laos than in Thailand (~no street dogs in Vietnam, they eat them). Also, more are black in colour rather than ochre and like in Vietnam, more dogs have ridiculously short legs. Look at this one:

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