Sala de videojuegos

Apr 24, 2011 in

After Panama, I made my way up to Nicaragua in several all-day bus rides. One thing I noticed when reaching Nicaragua that apart from Internet cafes, everything is full of those game centers where kiddies go to play the newest videogames. Most of them play football videogames, also popular are egoshooters and GTA.
The cool thing about that, however, is that some of those game centers have really nice paintings on their wall. Here are some :-)

This is the first game center I came across, in Rivas. The sign on the left says that they also sell cacao-milk – it tasted disgusting :-(

Absolutely awesome artwork, isn´t it? On my further travels, I have not seen anything that looks similarily professional yet. Also from Rivas.

Yeah, Super Smash Brothers! Found in Granada.