Grafitti in Granada

Mar 08, 2009 in

I really like grafitti. Both artistic and commercial as well as political grafitti. Except for, of course, these tags with just some initials – it’s like dogs marking their territory with piss.
The really cool thing about some grafitti is that you can see it as a whole, but also look closer and see completely different artwork. Anyway, during a walk through Albacyn, I found stairs that led back into the city – and this is what I found…

This is the view from the top. Apart from the awesome view of the city, it doesn’t look to special. But around the corner…

And this is the whole thing from below… Note the arm on the left

My flatmate told me that the graffiti in the last post is from a well known artist who names himself “el niño de las pinturas” (the child of the paintings). And he has a website, too.