Temples of Bagan

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Bagan is an ancient city once the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, a mighty Burmese empire during the middle ages (849–1297 AD). What remains of the capital now are the over 2000 ruins of temples and pagodas in various states of decay scattered over the otherwise arid savanna landscape, some of which are being restored or even reconstructed. Only the largest ones are frequented by tourist (group tours), all the others just wait to be explored by individual travelers.
Reminded me a bit of the ruins of Hampi which I explored seven years ago in India.

A local showed me a stairway inside a temple which led up onto the roof of it.

One of the larger, cathedral-size temples. Seen in the background of the previous picture

“Restoration” of a temple. Well…, I would use a different word.

This pagoda, the Shwezigon, has been completely restored and is now frequented by Buddhist pilgrims and monks

Finally, one picture puzzle: Count the things on the picture which indicate that this photo was made at least in the 20st century! (There is one black object on the photo that indicates this photo was made in the 21st century, but it is too hard to find, or is it?)


Puzzle answer: 1) Power cable 2) light bulb 3) plastic basket 4) plastic bottle 5) colour, i.e. the photo itself ;-)

Daniel · Apr 1, 08:33 PM · #

…and I also happen to wonder how much of the “restoration” is indeed reconstruction and how much imagination. I’d guess the ratio is 1:5. This reminds me of the early years of European archaeology – or more adequately described as “antiquarianism” – when Sir Arthur Evans “reconstructed” parts of the Minoan palace of Knossos. But I guess tangible representations of the past are in fact important to capture the imagination and evoke historical interest & awareness on a broader level.

Daniel · Apr 1, 09:58 PM · #

21st century: The black smartphone being charged on the crotch of the tree on the right.

You forgot the power socket on the tree. :-P

Newton · Apr 2, 06:45 AM · #

Textile help