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Every town in Vietnam will have a small market that is open every day with more or less fixed stalls in a roofed building. The market is the commercial heart of the town.
At noon until late afternoon however, the market goes to sleep. In Ninh Binh, I walked through the market at that time and saw this:

(So, how many did you count? ;-) )

Noon to late afternoon is the time sitting down at one of the plenty cafés or drink stalls, talking with your friends and colleagues and sometimes play games while being there.

A drink stall on wheels. Not on the picture are the tiny chairs and tables he pulled out of his trunk.

Apart from Vietnamese chess and cardgames, horse-themed Ludo (“Mensch ärgere dich nicht” in German) and Domino are played. All can be played for money.


They’re not afraid of thieves while they sleep?

mad · Sep 25, 09:56 AM · #

Asians seem to be able to sleep anywhere at any time. In Thailand yopu can see a lot of workers taking a nap on the sidewalk. Put people in a bus, switch aircon on and everybody goes to standby-mode :-)

Lena Schelski · Sep 25, 04:10 PM · #

Not really, no.

Though, I saw noone sleeping in the electronics department, they rather watched TV. Perhaps the other stuff is just not worth it.

Newton · Sep 30, 07:32 AM · #

Textile help