Impresiones aleatorias #2

May 11, 2011 in

This is the second flush of random impressions of Central America. This time, more focussed on Guatemala.

This guy was selling some kind of water ice shake. The best thing about his cart was the ice-crusher machine :-)

Some kids in Nicaragua

Yeah, what an unforgettable adventure it was travelling with this bus company (Fuentes del Norte)…! I read this poster after I spent one night without any sleep in a bus with no leg-space (I mean, even less than normal! ^^) and with no working AC plus windows that can’t be opened. They “solved” this problem by opening the emergency exit windows a little bit and fixing them into position with screws, thus destroying the emergency exits and creating a wind tunnel in which the wind constantly blew through. I was sitting at the window. So while we stopped, it was unbelievably hot and while we were on the road, a strong wind blew into my face all the time o_o

Piñatas at a toy shop in Panajachel :-)

Me in a tuc-tuc (auto rickshaw)

In a reserve near lake Atitlan

In the same reserve :-)

Unfortunately, they are everywhere. It seems, almost in every village there is agun shop.

At the border to Guatemala: Ok, I get, it, don’t touch, it’s dangerous. :-)

A street in Solola (I think)