Moved out moved in

Jun 24, 2009 in

Last Monday I moved to my new flat share – in Albayzín. Albayzín is a cramped neighborhood with narrow winding cobblestone lanes in which one is bound of getting lost. Most of the streets here are too small to accommodate cars. As this was historically the Moorish quarter of Granada, it still retains a lot of it’s medieval character.

The people who live here come from very different backgrounds. Many gitanos (gipsies) and Arabic immigrants from Morocco, as well as upper class citizens and (ERASMUS) students live here. Also, especially the main streets like calle Elvira features tourists, hippies (who sell their artisanry), punks and bums. So yeah, it is a bit dangerous here. Everybody of my flatmates can tell a story of about how someone he or she knows has been robbed or something has been stolen from him/her while being in Albayzín.
As for my house, it is filled almost exclusively with ERASMUS students who will all leave in a week or so.

It is a nice and idyllic place here, even though it is a bit far-off from the rest of the city. Not in distance but because the streets are steep and too small for a good public transportation. To get to the next supermarket, I actually have to go (almost) out of this quarter. Deep inside of Albayzín, like for example at the mirador, it really feels like a laid-back mountain village rather than a university city with more than 200.000 inhabitants.

View from my terrace with a view of the Alhambra, some part of Albayzín and center of of Granada

One of our gardens (after a party). I am sitting there while I am writing this :-)

Our courtyard with the salon and kitchen in the background

View from the courtyard and my German flatmate Wolfgang