At the beach

Jan 20, 2018 in

To cool down after busy Yangon, Lena and I went to Chaung Tha beach, a beach that is popular amongst Burmese tourists.
While I guess the dream of the Western tourist of the ideal beach holiday would be a lonely white beach to have all for themselves and sunbathe under tropical palm trees, the Burmese on the contrary enjoy to be at the most busy beaches (and certainly not sunbathe).

Their idea of a nice time is to drive up and down the beach with a motorbike, rent one of the many tandems at the main beach to do the same or have oneself photographed taking a ride on a horse.
Additionally, most people will rent a truck tire tube or two for the day to take it into the water with them.

Interestingly, only about 2km from the main one, there is a white sand beach that stretches to the North endlessly with almost no people strolling about. This is changing though, I saw several beach resorts being constructed along this stretch. Still, a very beautiful and lonely beach :-)

(The circular patterns on the beach are the work of crabs that dig holes on the beach.)


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